VeloTera Services, Inc. helps clients design and test solutions, procure materials, install software and hardware to achieve proper performance of any wireless communication system.

Our systems integration experience comes from years of supporting top tier cellular and PCS companies throughout the Western United States. Our industry knowledge, use of specialized people and standardized approach make us the perfect outsourcing partner. We have assembled a core team of highly motivated and skilled professionals with a commitment to performance excellence. Their technology experience, passion for innovation, relationships with clients and alliance partners contribute to the successful installation and proper systems operations.

We work with our clients at the outset to help create a clear vision to increase innovative capacity by applying technology and industry knowledge in order to be more competitive. Starting with database scrub or line-of-sight survey, we work with our client to develop the capability and functionality required to meet the stated objectives. We help solve project specific and enterprise wide problems.

System Integration Responsibilities

• Provide a clear statement of technology and market systems
• Maintain a record of questions, barriers, difficulties and opportunities
• Keep a schedule with timescales and forecasts for researchers clients
• Provide and update documentation to support product implementation
• Provide people with required specialties

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