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VeloTera Services, Inc.’s regulatory compliance services ensure that projects meet all environmental and other federal guidelines and regulations.  These services range from filing and reporting to site audits and survey to remediation and training. They include:

Hazardous Materials

  • AAI, ASTM Standard 1527-05 training
  • Phase I & II Reports
  • Remediation
  • ACM Surveys
  • LBP Surveys
  • Generator and AST/UST Permitting
  • Hazardous Material Business Plans
  • Site audits to assess Federal, State, and Local compliance requirements

NEPA (The National Environmental Policy Act)

  • Section 106 consultation TCNS, Tribal letters, Tribal consultation, tribal follow-up, SHPO, THPO
  • Review, recommendation, and ordering of all NEPA reports (Cultural, Biological, Architectural, Archeological, Environmental Assessments, et al) based on site design
  • Training
  • Review and updates of any regulation change
  • Coordination with agencies that have their own NEPA regulations (DOD, DOE, NPS, BLM, et al)

FAA/FCC Filings

  • Complete FCC & FAA analysis & filings, as required
  • FAA 7460-1/ 7460-2 filings & tracking
  • Complete FAA Public Notice if site is hazard to air navigation
  • Obtain carrier or tower company documents and request re-filings/permission to re-file for height increase or frequencies, as required
  • FCC ASR filings – revisions or terminations
  • Local public airport Director’s Permit completion
  • Aviation Easements, as needed
  • Shielding determination statements/reports
  • Interpretation of Advisory Circular if marking and lighting is required (ensure proper signage is posted and tower is in compliance with the current Advisory Circular
  • Training of market personnel on reviewing 1A/2C surveys, FAA/FCC analysis, FAA/FCC filings, structure signage, or FAA marking and lighting requirements
  • Audit of all existing towers with ASR numbers and FAA lighting and/or marking
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